Men are four times more likely to drown than women. Last year, over 20% of drowning deaths in Victoria involved alcohol.

Alcohol can disorientate, increase your bravado and make you miscalculate distance. Combined with often cold water environments and hidden currents, and it's a lethal combination.

Don’t drink and then go for a swim. You should also advise your friends against entering the water if they have been drinking.

Another key factor for men is the lack of lifejacket when boating, particularly those out on kayaks or canoes. Even though you may be experienced in this activity, or be an experienced swimmer taking on a new activity, it is important to always be prepared, understand the environment you are going into, and check on the weather and water conditions before you go out.

You don’t know when you may need it, so wear a lifejacket at all times when you’re out fishing, kayaking, canoeing, boating, even rock fishing. The more you prepare, the more you reduce your risk of drowning.



Video transcript: Play it Safe by the Water – Don’t Drink & Drown - TVC

Length: 0:30 seconds

Transcript begins

Description: We open on a camping scene, on a river, somewhere in Victoria. There's a lazy kick to kick game, and someone's fishing next to his mate who is sitting near the Esky. We see one of the guys (Darren) take a gulp of his beer as he heads for the river.

DARREN: "Alright, lads. Think I'm gonna go for a swim."

Description: Bill (the guy sitting near the Esky), gives his mate a look...

BILL: "Shotgun his car."

ANDY (guy fishing): "I'll have his bike."

MATE (kicking footy): "I'll take the X-Box."

DARREN: "Aye! What?"

BILL: "Mate. You've had a few. If you go in now, chances are you're not coming out."

MATE: “I'll take your tele.”

MATE: “Hey mermaid! I'll have your fridge.”

ANDY: “I'll have what's in your fridge!”

BILL: “Shotgun your budgie smugglers!”

Description: Bill gets up grabs Darren’s towel, revealing Darren's rather unattractive pair of Speedos… We then see Bill chasing Darren back to the site, trying to flick him with the towel...

Voice over: Watching this won't stop your mates from drinking and swimming. But you can. Don't let your mates drink and drown.

Transcript ends

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