Victorians aged 65 years and above had the highest age specific fatal drowning rate in 2019–20. Many were a result of accidental slips, trips and falls into the water.

Changing fitness levels as we get older can impact our swimming abilities, as too can medication and alcohol.

Remember to never swim alone, even if you believe you are a great swimmer. And, if you are someone who enjoys boating, wear a life jacket as it can keep you afloat if needed while help arrives.

Know the risks and how to best prepare yourself to continue to explore and enjoy Victoria’s beaches, oceans, rivers, and waterways while staying safe.

Never overestimate your abilities and never underestimate the risks around water.


Video transcript

Video transcript: Play it Safe by the Water – Over and Under - TVC

Length: 0:30 seconds

Transcript begins

Description: Video begins with animated footage of water and waves, with floating messaging — ‘fishing’, ‘boating’, ‘swimming’, ‘alcohol’, ‘medications’, ‘risks’, ‘over 65s’, ‘fitness’ — on the screen. This reinforced by the constant presence of the word ‘WATER’, which floats and ripples in the centre of the screen throughout the video.

Voice over: Water. It's a playground for many leisure pastimes, but it’s not without risks. As we grow older the risks increase. Research shows that the over 65s are at greater risk of drowning than any other group, because with age fitness often declines. So, if you're over 65 and you're around water …

Description: The lines ‘Never overestimate your abilities’ and ‘Never underestimate the risks’, with the word ‘WATER’ in the centre, appear on the screen.

Voice over: Remember, never overestimate your abilities and never underestimate the risks. Always play it safe by the water.

Transcript ends

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